It’s hardly a new year without new motivation, so please no mocking as I do two things I’ve been meaning to do forever: Blog a bit and finally introduce some structure to our days at home….

It’s pre-preschool time, biznitches!

I was amazed (and totally relieved) to realize how many ocean themed books and toys we already had at home. So we dove (see what I did there? No, not that funny…I know….) right in to pre-preschool week 1 – Ocean theme!


We tackled construction paper fish, an octopus counting game, an adorable fishing game via etsy, nautically themed books (poor little dolphin finger puppet book is a bit worse for the wear after being loved by two babies in two years), explored our sea creature toys and played with the Melissa and Doug Sea Life puzzle. 🙂

What are you doing at home with your babies? Do you try to structure your week or is it more free-flowing? And what are you resolved to do more of (or less of!) in the new year?